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core services



core services



core services

We pride ourselves on being systematic and disciplined

in providing exceptional investment management and investment governance services

Our highly experienced team of fund managers, with an average of 20 years in the industry, possesses various investment specialties and has worked with the largest institutional managers in Malaysia, hedge fund companies, and family offices.

Our investment process is systematic and rigorous, ensuring that our clients' portfolios are well diversified across various asset classes and regions. We employ innovative strategies to identify opportunities and mitigate risks, while adhering to strict investment governance principles. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and delivering consistent, long-term returns for our clients is underpinned by our systematic and disciplined approach.

Investment Management


We specialize in quantitative investing. Our core competency is based on fully automated quantitative models that are designed without human intervention. Our approach is systematic and disciplined, providing our clients with a robust investment strategy that is backed by data-driven analysis and advanced technology.

We understand the importance of risk management, and our quantitative models are designed to ensure that we are always well diversified, even during periods of market stress. Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that a disciplined approach, coupled with a long-term investment horizon, can deliver consistent and superior returns for our clients.

Our quantitative models are based on rigorous research and analysis, and we employ a range of techniques including statistical analysis, and artificial intelligence to identify investment opportunities.

We are committed to transparency, and we provide our clients with regular updates on our investment performance. 

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to achieve your investment goals.

Investment Governance

‘Investment governance, a crucial link,

To help your investments grow or shrink.’

We are a team of experienced professionals who specialize comprehensive investment governance solutions. 

Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of client, and we believe that an effective investment governance framework can help to deliver superior investment outcomes.

Our services include investment policy development and review, investment manager selection and monitoring, and investment risk management. We also provide support for investment committee meetings, including the preparation of materials and analysis to facilitate decision-making.

We invite you to learn more about our investment governance solutions and the value that we can bring to your organization. 

Please contact us to schedule a consultation, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you to achieve your investment goals.

External CIO

Our family office services are specifically designed to help families preserve and grow their wealth over multiple generations. We understand that preserving and growing wealth is not just about the current generation, but also about ensuring that future generations are able to build upon that legacy.

We are more than just a family office service provider. We also offer our expertise as an external Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for family offices that require an experienced, knowledgeable investment professional to manage their portfolios.

As an external CIO, we work closely with family offices to develop investment strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and objectives. Our team of experienced investment professionals has a deep understanding of the complexities of managing family wealth, and we are well-equipped to help families navigate the challenges and opportunities of the global investment landscape.

We take a disciplined, systematic approach to investment management, using rigorous research and analysis to identify opportunities and manage risk. We understand that every family is unique, and we work closely with our clients to develop customized investment strategies that take into account their specific goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

As an External CIO, we provide families with access to a broader range of investment opportunities, including alternative investments, private equity, and hedge funds. We also provide ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure that investment strategies remain aligned with the family's goals and objectives.

We are committed to helping families preserve and grow their wealth over the long term. Whether you are in need of family office services or require an External CIO to manage your portfolio, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your financial objectives.

Our core values


Global Investments

Access to diversification and return enhancement


High-value, High-touch

Client-centric and value-driven services


Powered by fintech

Cross-boundaries, multi-strategies

Through fintech, we are able to customise our investment offerings - cross-boundaries and multi-strategies to suit our client’s return and risk profiles

Through fintech, we are able to customise our investment offerings - cross-boundaries and multi-strategies to suit our client’s return and risk profiles


Investment Governance Structure and Process

• Establishing an investment governance structure and process based on the industry best practices

• Improving existing practices to ensure investment process is institutionalised for seamless continuity


Investment Strategy

• Establishing a robust investment strategy to allow client achieve its economic objectives


• Ensuring the liquidity requirement of client is also factored into in the investment strategy

Enhancing Return

• Enhancing client’s asset and investment returns to grow and preserve the wealth


• Ensuring that the investment governance structure and process are seamlessly adopted and operationalised

Education and Training

• Knowledge sharing and training in the topicsof investment to clients

Partner with us to achieve your investment goals

The expert team

We are always here to help you

Please contact us to schedule a consultation, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you to achieve your investment goals. Level 17 Capital Sdn Bhd is licensed and regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

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